Fedw Hir Eco Centre is an OCN accredited training able in a short time to organize continuous training in each of the licensed fields according to the needs of Contracting Authorities on time, place and curricula tailored to specific needs, innovations in construction and state requirements for vocational training.
To meet the constantly growing needs of construction companies conducted training of managerial and executive staff at affordable prices as follows:
1. To obtain the level of proficiency - approved in licensed professions and specialties approved by the National Agency of appropriate elective for students and Principal form of education
2. As part of the profession - for students holding at least six (6) months of continuous work experience in the relevant specialty, secondary education and permanent employment contract.
The form, timing, duration and theme of the training at Fedw Hir Eco Centre is coordinated with the Employer. Graduates after the examination of theory and practice, receive a Certificate of the profession for acquired specialty.
Fedw Hir Eco Centre has many rooms equipped with the necessary technical means, which ensures high quality of training
Our team trainers and consultants are highly qualified and leaders in their field of nationally proven high success professionally.